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Don't forget the "I" in Ego

This topic was sparked because after sending out my very first mass email as an entrepreneur, I was alerted that I had made spelling error. As a borderline, self-proclaimed perfectionist, that was my worst nightmare.

"Worst nightmare" because of how I thought I would be perceived:

"She's incompetent" (education ego monster)

"She doesn't need to be selling herself if she can't spell (job ego monster)

Ironically, I left out the letter "I." With more contemplation and help for a friend (hey Leah!) maybe we all should be suppressing the "I" from our thoughts, fears, and most importantly, our egos. I say suppress and not forget because there are a few scenarios when the ego is necessary.

Ego and judgment. The perfect marriage. One fuels the other.

As a society that is focused on technology and image, ego and judgement seem to hangout more and more in plain sight- kissing on each other and showing extra PDA. We've been taught to suppress the ego throughout our lives.

What dose your reflection show you?

Worrying too much about yourself makes you selfish…

Your education, job, and who you know make you important…

Holding others to your standards is normal…

These statements infiltrate our psyche and become a way of life for many. Myself included at times.

What if we only worried about what we are able to control and helping those in need when possible?

What if we valued our hearts, our personalities, and our uniqueness instead of what we've obtained or haven't obtained?

What if we didn't influence our standards on others and allowed everyone to function as they wish?

Final question and ask for this Wellness Wednesday… what if we made peace with our ego?

We understand that the ego has a place in many scenarios, but we can also understand that the ego can take a backseat at times and just observe. If we practice separating the ego from judgement and learn how to observe from a place of acceptance and curiosity, we will start to relate to each other in a more loving way.

We are all just trying to survive. Compassion over ego and judgement can always help.

Tag an example of you making peace with your ego or you showing compassion with #wellnesswednesdaysalw to win a gift from me the last Wednesday of the month (first drawing is December 30 because of the holidays).

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