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Introverts Unite! Healthy Tips to Remember During the Coronavirus Madness

By now, you've probably had several events canceled because of this Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Maybe you are even working remotely because of it. Regardless of your opinion about the virus and how it is being managed, we all are being impacted one way or another.

This is not my pre-apocalyptic post… yet, but more of a how-to handle cabin fever and still achieve your fitness and wellness goals post. Enjoy!

Nutrition and Food

This is the time to get a little creative- whilst twirling your thumbs. Do you have cans of beans, soup, or veggies in your pantry that you forgot to donate this past winter?

Use them to experiment with!

Challenge yourself to choose a can a day to make a meal with it in some way. My newest obsession (along with many other food chains) is the "warm harvest bowl" trend. These delicious concoctions consist of veggies, protein, grains, dressing, and other toppings.

This is an example of a pantry raided harvest bowl:

  • Black beans

  • Quinoa

  • Spinach

  • Grilled chicken

  • Kalamata olives

  • Feta cheese

  • Peppers

  • Dressing

NOTE: be careful with your sodium intake. Canned foods have sodium for a reason, so be mindful of the extra ingredients you add to your crazy new dishes.

Pinterest is also a great resource to get your creative cooking juices flowing!

Meal prep… even if you aren't going anywhere. If you don't want to eat at establishments these days, make your own food and bring it with you on your errands. You will save some cash and possibly a rash ;-)

Keep Moving… Even if You are Terrified in the "Real World"

It is your personal choice to go to public gyms and studios during this time.

In the "Real World":

  1. Keep a bottle of sanitizer in your bag: if you are one of the lucky ones to have one, carry it with you in the gym or know where the free-standing sanitizing stations are located throughout the gym.

  2. Wipe down machines: the signs always say wipe them down before AND after… I usually just do after (because I'm thinking about others) now I suggest wiping it down before (for myself).

  3. Wash hands before leaving: free soap… use it!

In your home:

YouTube, YouTube, YouTube: find the genre, the instructor, and the timeframe you are looking for and try it out. The best part is that you can always find something else if you aren't feeling it.

HIIT/ Tabata: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Tabata (similar to HIIT- periods of work and rest) are great with light or no weights available. You can always spice that up too!

  • Play with the times: do hard exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Once your body gets used to that ratio, you can play with the duration.

  • Play with the tempo: for example on a bicep curl, spend more time to extend the arm than to contract. Fatigue might feel differently overtime when this is adjusted.

  • Go outside! Take walks, go-to trails and enjoy the sunshine. The fresh air will help re-center you if you have to work from home for long periods of time.

Mental Health… Because Cabin Fever is a Real Diagnosis!

Being "stuck" (however you choose to approach this time in our lives) at home can be stressful. Make sure you keep yourself busy… with time off the screens. Get things done around the house, start your spring cleaning early-ish, read, or meal prep. Get the things done that you've been procrastinating about over the last few months.


Relax, catch up on sleep, and watch Netflix until your eyes bleed (not literally). If you need the time to chill, then do it.

All in all, make sure you follow the basic requirements to remain healthy: hand washing, hand sanitizing, and distance. The most important thing to do is protect yourself and your family.

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