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Midday workout tips- "the System"

This blog post was a request… you know when you're in a club or at an event and you whisper in the DJ's ear or YELL AND USE HAND GESTURES… "play Despecito!" and then you are patiently waiting whether they…

  1. Heard you

  2. Care about your request

  3. Will play it before you leave

Well, I heard you and I have some tips for you too!

With the New Year always comes new goals and intentions (I try to avoid saying resolutions). Many of us are purchasing gym memberships, signing up for more classes, and overall, trying to squeeze in more activity into our day. For those who want to maintain a professional look after sweating out your frustrations to Beyoncé or Tupac during your lunch break, I see you… I understand you… you betta werk!

If we try to argue about the positive benefits exercise has when it comes to our productivity, we'll lose every time. According to BBC and countless other articles and studies, working out midday has several benefits. In 2013, a study by Stanford University showed that "regardless of age, people experience 'immediate benefits' for cognition following 'a single bout of moderate exercise,' such as 15 minutes of moderately intense cycling on a stationary bike." Thus even taking half of your lunch hour to workout will benefit you greatly.

Here are some of my favorite hacks/tips for midday sweat sessions:

1. Be prepared!

Pack everything the night before. Keep a bag just for working out and nothing else- which might mean that you will have multiple products around the house (which also might mean more trips to Target which I also support!).

  • If there are showers- DON'T FORGET sandals/shower shoes, deodorant, clean undies, and body wash

  • If there aren't showers- DON'T FORGET body wipes or a washcloth, body spray, and deodorant

  • Travel items are the best, so stock up on your favorites

  • Don't be ashamed to use all the towels! If you need 2 towels, a face towel, and a washcloth to feel comfortable… bring them all.

2. Use a sweatband over your hairline. Other than bringing back the nostalgic feel of Richard Simmons in short shorts, a headband can absorb the sweat and preserve your baby hairs/hairline post-workout. The key is to keep it on long enough for your hair to dry. You can apply lotion, makeup, etc while you wait for the drying process to be completed.

3. Bring plastic bags. Knowing that you will be storing wet clothes in bags and not your gym bag, office, or car can be reassuring. This must be temporary, however, because it can quickly turn into a smelly situation. Make sure you properly seal any wet items until you get home.

4. Prepare with pre-workout or coffee. You might not really be in the mood to take that exercise lunch break and might opt to nap at your desk instead. DON'T! Remember how amazing you'll feel after you return to your desk energized and focused. Trick yourself with a little caffeine pre-workout to get you out of your seat and on the treadmill.


5. Keep your commitment. Most importantly, keep your workout commitment to yourself. You are taking time for YOU. Not for your family, your kids, your boss, your dog… for YOU. It is important to make that midday sweat sesh a priority and you should be proud that you are making a conscious effort to live healthier.

Remember that you are a rockstar in your attempts for a healthier life. Keep striving for the healthiest version of yourself.

For personal training, private yoga instruction, nutrition consultation or meditation services, check out my services page for more information.



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